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Strategically located, this NEW Colonial style lodge, recently completed, has eight (8) fully equipped rooms plus 2 complete apartments for a family stay. Of excellent quality and with the local touch that gives the own warmth of the place. It has a large and beautiful multipurpose room, drinks bar, barbecue, spa, pool, jacuzzi, massage room and even own armory.


WOA offers the hunter, the highest quality Argentine and international gastronomy. With complete and varied breakfasts, barbecues and dinners that will savor for the rest of their lives in their memories. Always using ingredients of the place, for the elaboration of the best typical Argentinean meals with the best meat and the best malbec.


Wingdreams provides the hunter with drinks at the field, wether water, soda or beer at will and permanently. Also includes a complete service together with the lodging, with the best Argentine Malbec wine, and all kinds of national and international drinks and spirits

ALL INCLUSIVE with the hosting service.

You will be able to enjoy with us, excellent pigeons and doves shooting. WOA has a privileged location in the central zone of Argentina, so it has the possibility to carry out both hunts at incredibly short distances. Has, of course, excellent guides who speak english, with ten (10 ) yars experience in the field, accompanied by a team of very responsible bird boys. The service is completed by the rental of the best shotguns, Italian or American, which work perfectly with cartridges of great quality, both in caliber 20ga and caliber 12ga.

Hunting places vary according to the season, the task on the part of the  exploring guides is critical to finding the best place yo can go, from the feed lots, fields of alfalfa, corn, sorghum to the spectacular sunflower.